Functional Medicine

of dis-ease

PRECISE analysis of your PERSONAL Energy BLUEPRINT

Energy always precedes the physical. An Energy analysis will determine the underlying causes of symptoms, and dis-ease. Energy testing will find the remedies needed to return Health, test for efficacy and determine tolerance before taking the remedy—no guesswork.

Shallcross lifestyle (Kim Shallcross NMD,DC,TCM, ND) has been practicing functional medicine and research for almost 40 years. Kim’s work has led to a patented device known as MARS (Magnetic Air Resonating System) unit, which creates healing harmonics similar to those found in known healing sites around the world.

University studies have shown the MARS unit

  • Reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels
  • Increases positive thoughts and emotions
  • Facilitates self healing w/awakened meditation

Using the principles of form (geometry), frequency (magnets), and motion (rotation) It’s “Geometry in Motion “ filling the room with nano Tesla subtle energies that promote self healing.

— Kim Shallcross

Clinical studies have been remarkable, and clients, due to deep relaxation and reducing stress, feel better and look better with every visit.

Shallcross lifestyle consultant has moved to Sarasota ,Florida, practising as a lifestyle coach, using the Bio-scan SRT, and MSA, also the Bio-well, to help energetic analysts of our health.

SLS is also offering the patented, FDA registered MARS unit for Anti-stress and relaxation.

dental issues

Dental Issues: Hidden Causes

As you can see in the chart below, your teeth can be causing you problems without even having a toothache!

What People are Saying…

I have known Kim Shallcross for more than 25 years now as a client, and have been in her program all this time. Her work is really remarkable, based on understanding the underlying causes of problems, such as inherited disease, and clearing those up. As a result, many secondary issues and symptoms in the body disappear as well, and optimum health is attained over time.

The improvements are both physiological and emotional. Her program also handles the external environmental stresses now present in the air, water, and food of everyday life, so the client is able to stay on top of everything, and maintain a much better level of functioning. Kim has developed the MARS anti-stress unit, an environmental device which is an integral part of her practice. The unit duplicates natural earth energies, thus reversing many disorders. When I first saw Kim Shallcross, I was not operating well at all.

I had my fair share of inherited diseases and disorders, but the main problem was childhood vaccine poisoning, which was ruining my life. Kim is well able to assist with this, and it took time to clear up. Today, I still have some level of vaccine left, but it is no longer affecting me. I am now emotionally, physiologically healthy and able to lead a happy and productive life.
Oakville, ON 2021
As with most people that I have met that have turned to Kim Shallcross and Energy Medicine, it was out of sheer desperation. My youngest daughter, at the age of 18, became violently ill and was basically slipping through the cracks of traditional medicine. Prior to August 2011, my daughter was an extremely healthy young woman. Then for some unknown reason, she had a series of what I call ‘flare ups’. Every few months she would wake up, violently ill. Vomiting everything including water for 3 or 4 days. Experiencing extreme muscle pain and spasms all over her body. The only relief from the pain would be in a scalding hot shower. These symptoms would come out of the blue and each time they would last about 7-10 days. She lost 50lbs in the 2 years that followed as the flare-ups continued. We were in emergency rooms 7 times, each time the medical doctor, in his infinite wisdom, would prescribe some pill for the pain and another pill to help settle her stomach. Their answers were always medication, which did nothing to help her as she would just vomit the pills back up. We were sent to specialists all over Ontario. She was tested for all kinds of diseases. I watched helplessly as my beautiful daughter lost all her muscle mass and was withering away to nothing.

Kim Shallcross uses a process called ‘electro dermal assessment’. It’s thorough, quick, non-invasive and painless. It gives you immediate answers. And with answers comes a direction in treatment.

Kim Shallcross worked with my daughter to remove layer after layer after layer of toxic build up in her body. Every layer brought forth a new issue, and Kim would decide on a direction for treatment. One of Kim Shallcross’ main treatments is time close to her invention called the MARS unit. Over the past 30 years Kim Shallcross has been perfecting this machine that simulates the earth’s frequency using rotating magnetic discs that produce a harmonic field. It has been proven to eliminate pathogens in water and food. It assists your body in eliminating pathogens that have built up in various organs or cells.

By identifying the cause using the electro dermal assessment, and removing the cause with the assistance of the MARS unit and rebuilding the damage, symptoms disappear because the body is healing itself.

I am thankful that my daughter and I were open minded enough to meet Kim Shallcross and learn about her methods and modalities. Lots of people are not open minded and suffer debilitating diseases because of it. My daughter bravely worked with Kim to get better. But the more I saw and learned the more I believed in the process. The more I believed in Energy Medicine. At every stage, every layer, Kim had the answers for us, a strategy to eliminate that particular toxin. My daughter is now almost 7 years older than when her health issues began. She is leading a normal life, working, living with a roommate, dating, driving. All things a young girl should be doing.

We both know that she would not be here on this earth now if it were not for Kim Shallcross and her methods and treatments. Kim saved her life.
Owen Sound, 2018
Western medicine could only recommend Chemo for my incurable illness. I was a vibrant, extremely active businesswoman until I became disabled physically and in such excruciating pain. After enduring months of agony, many tears and stressful Dr. visits, I contacted Kim. She was able to identify the virus that caused my illness and advise solutions to repair extreme damage to my body. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely sensitive to patient needs, and understands how the body works beyond western medicine. I made a decision to follow her advice and programs. There were many days I had to dig deep and force myself to keep moving forward. It was challenging to say the least, but I truly believed this was not the end of life for me. I decided to trust in her ability and do whatever she told me no matter the financial costs in order to return to good health and the life I loved.

Thankfully in a few months the pain disappeared, and I started to gain my mobility and have positive results. Over the course of 18 months, I gained 90% recovery and was functioning normally. It was my skin that took the longest to recover.

It is now three years later and I am completely and fully recovered. I am living proof of her knowledge, experience of natural remedies, along with regular use of her patented healing magnetic machine is the reason I made a full recovery. I am enjoying life to the fullest, my skin has returned to normal subtle feeling, the pain completely disappeared, all swelling is gone. I can walk, play tennis, piano, garden and do any activity I desire…living life to the fullest. An interesting discovery…all my tennis friends take Advil or pain medication in order to play tennis…I do not take anything!!! I got my life back and I am happy to share my amazing recovery story.

I believe Kim can help patients find answers to their health issues. I believe the combination of a patient’s determination to live or will to survive and with Kim’s amazing knowledge and expertise and one healing machine…one can heal or cure any or most illness.
Toronto, ON
We are highly grateful for having Kim Shallcross as our health consultant. Throughout the whole time we have been treated with authentic approach and outstanding care. We can see immense results in our overall well being and we definitely recommend this holistic approach and great guidance for regeneration of health and lifestyle.

During the experience we found that the anti-stress unit brings us into meditative mode and it is much easier to connect with both: intuitive and rational sides. As a result, we were finally able to get rid of being stuck in the same repetitive negative thought loops, that each of us could not overcome due to aggravated stress in life.

Indeed, in the field of the anti-stress unit along with the great guidance on health, we were feeling much more energy in our bodies, stress levels dropped down, we were able to transform the negativity in our minds and emotions and to start thinking and perceiving from a brighter perspective. With every period of time we felt rise in our vibrations, overall happiness, deep inner contentment and hence quality of living. The recommended change in lifestyle added immensely to vitality in our bodies and physical activity. All this happens of course over time, but the overall result is speaking for itself and we definitely are confident about our committed time.

In conclusion, we would like to say that great guidance for regeneration in our health by our consultation Kim Shallcross made our bodies to start self-healing at all levels, and it is probably one of the most priceless opportunities we have encountered in our life.

As one ancient saying says, “in a healthy body (temple) resides a healthy Soul”, it becomes a must to grant more attention to health at all levels, especially in today’s reality with unhealthy environment, and to search for natural ways and guidance that support it. Thus granting the time and opportunity to spend energy on creation as God intended for every Being. With deep gratitude to our consultant Kim Shallcross in healthy lifestyle and high recommendations for everyone who seeks wholeness and healthy lifestyle in a sound body and focused mind.
Barrie, ON 2020
Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Your combination of using biofeedback to assess what is going on in the body and using your Mars 100 to help the body heal itself is brilliant.

When I first came to you in May 2015, your assessment was accurate and only took a few minutes. I had shingles caused by an old virus in my body. My family doctor had told me he couldn’t do anything for me but give me pills and cream to relieve the pain. Then you had me sit in the harmonic  field created by your Mars 100 and not only did the pain disappear, but so did the shingles and the virus. It was remarkable.

What you have is amazing. Your Mars 100 that generates an energy field the same a as the naturally occurring earth energy supports the body to heal itself. I have experienced positive results many times over the past 6 years. Results count!

My husband’s varicose veins have all tightened up and are almost gone, so he doesn’t have to have them stripped like his sister did.

There are a few of the visible improvements that we are excited about because we can see them; but, we know that there are many more positive changes taking place inside, in our organs and tissues because we feel so much better.

Most of our friends are complaining about aches and pains, lack of energy, tiredness and many are dealing with surgeries, drugs and serious illness. We are so thankful that we have found you and your Mars 100. We are not suffering from any aches or pains, but are still strong and full of energy in our 70’s.

We wish you all the best in bringing your Mars 100 to market so that millions more can benefit from your life-changing invention. Thank you. You are ingenious.
Owen Sound, 2020
My daughter suddenly developed a condition of double vision: dizziness and was literally falling down on the job. She could not work at her summer job. You assessed my daughter and she subsequently spent one week beside your MARS machine. At the end of this one week period, my daughter was back to fully functioning level and back at work.
Toronto, ON March 2021
I have been a patient of Kim Shallcross for over eight years. I am really happy with how quickly her testing gets to the root cause of health issues. Also, it really streamlines health and beauty products for skin as she tests exactly what products work for you personally. If you want answers, she is the one to see.
Owen Sound, 2018
Over the period of the last 2 months, I have had a treamendous amount of improvement in the overall quality of my health and life. I have been asthmatic my entire life and since being introduced to the MARS unit I have not needed to use my rescue inhaler anywhere near as frequently as I have been used to. My acne has dramatically diminished and my skin is clearing and glowing for the first time. The perspective I see my life from has become abundantly clear due to the reduction of brain fog, depression and anxiety. I am feeling an overall better quality of life and I’m eager to see what the long-term effects will be.
Dunedin Florida 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Shallcross in 2015 shortly after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had elected to not doing any standard treatments as I had witnessed 8 of my closest friends suffer and die from Chemo and radiation treatments. I knew I could not do it. I decided to do a non-traditional approach. Diet ketogenic, and other known anti cancer practices. And with the expert guidance of Kim Shallcross and Kim’s modalities firmly in place, dramatic changes were happening at hyper speeds. My weight dropped with the diet. A 31 year-old kidney issue vanished. My cancer vanished. My skin was rejuvenated. I was not just experiencing health, I was experiencing a state of superior health, physically, mentally and spiritually. One I had never experienced before.

I highly recommend Kim Shallcross for your family health needs. Kim Shallcross’s proprietary modality MARS anti-stress reduction systems. The power of this modality is one of the things in this life that needs to be experienced. It is a total game changer wherever my family and I live in the world, Kim Shallcross will always be my family’s top health care partner.
Owen Sound, ON 2020
Kim’s machine has been a life changer for me. I was struggling with low energy and poor sleep. I was always tired, no matter how much I slept. I suffered from mood swings and was starting to lose interest in things that has always brought me joy. Kim helped explain to me that my nervous system was stuck in sympathetic dominance, meaning it was almost always in a Fight or Flight state. The machine though, was able to help clear out the viruses in my body and brain, bringing me out of depression and increasing blood flow to all my organs. I have spent over 30 hours on the machine, and it has created dramatic change. My mood swings have stopped, I feel lighter and happier. I am sleeping better and feel rested when I wake in the morning. I am so excited to continue to watch and feel my body healing.
Largo, FL, 2020
Kim Shallcross is an Extraordinary health care holistic Practitioner!! Kim Shallcross’s knowledge, experience and her high level of intuitive knowing has afforded me new, increased levels of health and well being, that traditional western medicine has not been able to deliver. I will continue to always work directly with Kim to live a healthy life!!
Thornbury, ON
Kim had been working on healing magnetic waves and produced hand held magnets to reverse cellular damage in the body as well as reversing the genetic modified food we eat to make it safe. She is truly a brilliant inventor, scientist, healer, entrepreneur and friend. My family and I have received treatment with Kim over the years. I’ve also invested in her Shallcross Lifestyle Machine and use it regularly. My uncle had been diagnosed with prostatic cancer and required surgery, after being treated by Kim and sitting by her machine, his numbers dropped and the doctors could no longer find any evidence of the cancer. Over her years of study, Kim has found a way to affect cellular biology in its tiniest component and set it straight. I feel blessed to have met Kim ad I am happy that she has shared her healing knowledge and intuition openly.
I would just like to say Kim Shallcross is an excellent Natural Dr.! I have been treated by her for over 10 years now. She has helped me overcome many health issues that neither medical Drs or natural ones could help me with! I actually had ALS and also had seizures really bad; many times a week they would come just like that. Now I am doing much better so grateful to her. I really don’t think I would be alive anymore if it wasn’t for her treatments!
Montreal, QC, 2020
Through my work with Kim Shallcross, I have developed an understanding of the environmental problems now facing humanity, and have a consistent resource for correcting these problems, and keeping myself healthy. I am able to pursue my life with a profound sense of well-being and high energy levels.
Oakville, ON
I have known Kim for approximately 15 years, and her method of testing and treatment is totally unique, with amazing results. Over the years I have relied on her treatments, and accurate ability to find the cause of my problems, to effectively treat them without covering them up. To me that is that only way to heal, because if the cause is not corrected than the issues will express itself in other way.
Margaret Amore
Meaford, ON
Kim has provided me with effective tools to combat the effects of environmental pathogens that were eroding my health. By following her unique, individualized lifestyle approach to healthcare, I have been given a whole new lease on life. My energy levels, sleep patterns and overall quality of life has improved tremendously.
Dana Lum
Collingwood, ON
People keep asking me for my secret, they can’t believe how good I look and feel. Now my whole family is doing Functional Medicine for optimum health.
J Mitchell
Mississauga, ON
After seeing every expert money can buy… my chronic migraines were finally gone for good!
Katie S.
New York City, NY
Your true standard of living is measured against the ability to enjoy life. It’s not a matter of how much you are financially worth, it’s a matter of how much optimum health you have to savor the precious moments that life has to offer.
Oakville, ON