About Us

Kim Shallcross has invested the last 40 years of her life developing solutions to increase the health and wellness of people. 

Her activities have focused on energy flows within our bodies, environment and underlying causes for dis-ease.

Kim’s machine has been a life changer for me. I was struggling with low energy and poor sleep. I was always tired, no matter how much I slept. I suffered from mood swings and was starting to lose interest in things that have always brought me joy. Kim helped explain to me that my nervous system was stuck in sympathetic dominance, meaning it was almost always in a Fight or Flight state. The machine though, was able to help clear out the viruses in my body and brain, bringing me out of depression and increasing blood flow to all my organs. I have spent over 30 hours on the machine, and it has created dramatic change. My mood swings have stopped, I feel lighter and happier. I am sleeping better and feel rested when I wake in the morning. I am so excited to continue to watch and feel my body healing.

KD, Largo, Florida 2020


  • Undergraduate studies: Upsala University, Kean College, New Jersey, mid-1970s
  • Doctor of Chiropractic: Life Chiropractic, Atlanta, GA, 1981-1986
  • Doctor of Nutritional Medicine: JFK College of Nutri-medical Arts & Science, Largo, Florida, 1987
  • Naturopathic training, Occidental Institute Research Foundation, Victoria, British Columbia,
  • 1982-1987
  • Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certificate,  Toronto, Canada, Advanced Level, 1995
  • Certificates in Biological Medicine, Occidental Institute Research Foundation, 1982 to present
  • Doctor of Natural Medicine, Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners, World Organization of Natural Medicine, 2019
  • Doctor of Humanitarian Services, World Organization of Natural Medicine, 2019
  • Research with Laurentian University, Neuroscience Department, Sudbury, Canada and Healthgene genetic laboratory, Toronto, Canada, 2003-2020
  • Practiced in association with the following medical doctors:
    • Dr. William Campbell Douglas III, Atlanta, GA,  IV therapy, chelation, electro-dermal testing, 1982-1986
    • Dr. Motha, Invitro Fertilization, London, UK, 1987-1991
    • Dr. Soanes, Oakville, Canada, family practice, 1992-1996